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How I’m Beating the Winter Blues

February 27, 2020

Get Moving

Exercise is a great way to beat the winter blues! I used to work out in the afternoons after work, but this year I have tried out morning exercise. I have found that 30 minutes of HIIT in the morning dramatically changes how my day goes. I have more energy, I’m more productive and just generally in a better mood all around.

Get Social

Isolation is not your friend. Making time to spend with other people is a huge part of fighting the winter blues. For me this includes (but is not limited to) going to a local yoga class, a long weekend with friends, going on a double date, joining a women’s bible study, even going to the movies (at least there’s people there).

Get Healthy

As tempting as it is to curl up on the couch with a heaping portion of pasta on a cold winter night, DON’T DO IT. Sure, these kinds of nights are great once in a while, but when it becomes a habit, it can really hurt you. I’m not saying to go out and start a crazy new diet, but be cognizant of what you are putting into your body. Take care of yourself by eating good, whole, energizing food. I tried out Daily Harvest smoothies this year and I love it so far! It’s nice to have a healthy option ready to grab and go every morning.

Get Organized

If you’re going to be stuck inside, may as well make the best use of your time! Tackle those indoor house projects, clean out your closet, organize your pantry. Having a clean an organized home is definitely a mood booster for me. Plus, who wants to stay inside organizing a closet during those precious, fleeting summer months? Not me.

Get Help

When it comes to the winter blues, sometimes you need a little help. Talk to a trusted friend or family member about how you’re feeling, or consider seeing a counselor. My seasonal depression was really bad at the beginning of 2019 and I sought out a counselor. It was a HUGE help for me. There is absolutely no shame in talking to someone.

You are loved,


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