Fall Bucket List: 2019 Edition

September 17, 2019

Every year, Michael and I sit down together and curate a bucket list for the upcoming fall season. We both love fall and look forward to it all year. The problem is that is always goes by too quickly! Towards the end of the summer we start talking about all the things we want to do in the fall, but before you know it, the season is over and we got too busy. That’s why we started making a bucket list for the season several years ago. We find that it is the difference between “Wouldn’t it be fun to do _____ this fall?” and actually doing those things we talked about.

Pumpkin Patch

  1. Go to Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, IL. This is the place where fall dreams come to life. They have the world’s largest, most intricate corn maze, hay rides, apple cider, hot cocoa, bonfires, and all kind of other attractions. It’s an absolute must for us!


2. Decorating the house for fall. Ok, so this bucket list item is mostly for me. Decorating our house for fall is something that I look forward to all year. This year will be extra special as it is our first fall season in our new house! I spend a day over labor day weekend making the house cozy with new scents, big warm blankets, and of course, lots of pumpkins. So much more to come on this!

Go Downtown

3. Spend a day in Downtown Chicago. Chicago is always magical, but it’s even better in the autumn. This year we would love to go on a Weird Chicago Tour and grab some dinner at Luxe Cafe!

Apple Orchard

4. Go apple picking. It’s a great way to enjoy the cooler weather and it’s so much fun!

Apple Pie

5. Bake a gluten free apple pie from scratch (with the apples we picked). This is something I’ve always wanted to do and who doesn’t love apple pie?

Pumpkin Bread

6. Bake pumpkin banana bread and share it with friends!


7. Have everyone over for a birthday party. My husband’s birthday, my mother-in-law’s birthday AND my birthday all fall in October. It’s so much fun to have everyone over to celebrate! In the past we’ve also done an escape room which was a great time and very Halloween themed. For Michael’s birthday last year we went to a zombie version of laser tag and everyone had so much fun!

Movie Night

8. Host a Halloween themed movie night with friends. Our version of this is pretty tame with movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown.

Dog Costumes

9. Dress Sadie up for Halloween! I mean, you think she couldn’t be cuter, but wait till you see her dressed up as a pumpkin.

New Orleans

10. Go on a haunted tour of New Orleans. My husband’s job takes him cool places and sometimes I get to tag along. BONUS: His brother lives there, so we get to visit with him too! I have always wanted to go on a haunted tour of the most haunted city in America, so I’m especially excited to be able to do this when we visit in October.

Girls Trip

11. Go on a girls trip in Door County, WI. This is my absolute favorite place in the world and this year my best friend is going with me! I am so excited for her to experience Door County for the first time. It really is a magical place, especially in the fall!

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