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Why I Keep a Tidy Home (My Tips)

September 2, 2016

Anyone who has been over to my home, knows I am somewhat of a neat freak. I like the house to be picked up and tidy, I enjoy making fresh coffee in a clean kitchen each morning, and I love the feeling of coming home to a neat and organized environment. Some people may call me OCD, but they really just don’t understand the motivation behind why I do things the way that I do. I am an introvert, and my other introverts out there will understand this: we are internal processors. I usually have 16 different thoughts running around in my mind at all times (also just part of being female). Because my inner world can be chaotic at times, I feel more in control and at peace when my outer world is organized. There is no way I could organize my thoughts and get work done if I was buried under a mountain of clutter. Keeping a clean home also benefits my hubby. He has a job that can be rather stressful and I like knowing I can relieve some of that stress by having a tidy home. He certainly doesn’t demand this of me, but I enjoy being able to contribute in this way. Over time I have come up with a few small habits that help to maintain a clean home.

1. Make your bed every day. This has definitely been said a thousand times, but something about a made bed makes me feel like I am ready for the day. This is especially true since my office nook is in my bedroom. I also find it extra refreshing to climb into a made bed at night.

2. Wipe down surfaces every day. For me this includes the bathroom vanities, which I do in the morning, and the kitchen counters and kitchen table which I usually do after dinner. This process probably takes 5 minutes collectively. One of my favorite sayings is “wipe your hands and say your prayers, cause Jesus and germs are everywhere.” Silly, but SO true. Doing this small task every day just gives me peace of mind.

3. Keep surfaces clear of clutter. I’m not saying you should go and toss your picture frames or that cute little decor item you love. I am saying that your home should be filled with things you love and things that make you happy. It should not be filled with empty soda cans, last weeks take out boxes and a pile of mail you haven’t touched in a month. At the end of the day visual clutter equals mental clutter and looking at that sky high pile of mail isn’t going to bring you mental peace and clarity.

4. Use the ‘one touch’ method. This is pretty simple. You put things in their proper place, right away. For example. When I come home I will immediately put my shoes and purse where they belong. The idea is that you don’t touch the item more than once. So rather than me throwing my jacket over the back of the chair, and coming back to it later, I will put it in the closet right after I take it off. Just doing this one small thing is a total game changer. Our biggest piles of clutter happen over time.

5. Put things away as you use them. This is especially helpful with cooking. I will put the salt, milk, bread, or whatever I am using away right after I am done using it. This is great for me, since I have a small kitchen and not a ton of space to work with, it helps me from feeling like I’m being closed in. I also try to wash the dishes as my food is cooking, so there isn’t any dead time. I know for me, if I see a huge mess after dinner, I am way less inclined to clean up the kitchen. If it’s just a couple dishes, the task seems much more manageable.

I hope these tips were helpful and motivating! Thank you for stopping by!


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