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Why I Decorate for Christmas Early and Why You Should Too

November 6, 2019

I put in far too much effort to only enjoy it for a minute.

I love Christmas more than almost anyone I know. If seasonal decorating were a sport, this would be my Super Bowl. It takes a good 20 man hours (not including the shopping part) to decorate our house. I plan out each and every meticulous detail months in advance. It’s so intense that the decorating happens in 3 scheduled phases. That is way too much work to only enjoy for the few weeks after Thanksgiving.

In a world so full of hate, what’s wrong with a little holiday cheer?

Putting out my Christmas decor early isn’t hurting anyone. In fact, there are studies showing that early holiday decor actually makes people happier. In a world where everyone is so full of hate and political tension, isn’t it nice to have something that brings us all together, even if it’s just for a little while? It’s harder to be upset when you’re surrounded by twinkle lights. Why wouldn’t I want to make this last as long as possible?

I’m not rushing around at the last minute

While some people are pushing it to the wire with decorating, planning their parties and sending out Christmas cards, I certainly won’t be one of them. By the time December rolls around, my Christmas cards are ready to go, I have my party fully planned and ready to execute, and I’ve already been enjoying my decor for a few weeks. I enjoy the season a lot more when it isn’t rushed.

Twinkle lights give me a reason to wake up early

I have been an early bird for years now, but I get up extra early during the holiday season. Before I have even fully opened my eyes, I voice command Alexa to turn on all the Christmas lights. I sit in my favorite chair with a cup of peppermint coffee, wrap up in a big blanket and enjoy my lights while soaking in every minute of peace before taking on the day.  

I’m not skipping Thanksgiving

I look at Thanksgiving as part of “The Holidays.” I look forward to celebrating that time with my family every year! I don’t in any way feel that having a Christmas tree up dampens my enjoyment of eating turkey and mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving is one day, but Christmas is an entire season. In my mind, they have always overlapped.

If you can’t beat em’, join em’

Starbucks brings their holiday drinks out the first week of November. Stores everywhere are adorned with Christmas trees and beautiful holiday decorations. Christmas carols are on the radio. You can’t stop it from happening. Why are you still fighting it? You’re just making yourself grumpier by yelling BAH HUMBUG every time you see a twinkle light. Come to the early Christmas side. We have fresh baked cookies and everything smells pine trees.

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