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Our Entryway: How a little paint went a long way

February 1, 2019
Floral centerpiece on dining table overlooking entryway with navy blue walls and a settee and small white pedestal table.

The entryway of your home greets you as you walk in the door. It’s the place where you hang your hat, tired from a long day of work. It should be warm and inviting as if it’s actually saying “Welcome home!” with a smile.

The problem

Our entryway was always one of those areas I just couldn’t “figure out.” This is partially because our last place didn’t have an entryway and this was the first time I decorated one. I knew the space needed to be functional, but also pretty, as it is visible from most of the first floor. WhIen we moved in, all of the walls were a greige color, and the trim was a honey oak tone. While I love greige, the blend of the walls, trim and beige tile floor seemed to blend together and my usual neutral decor just wasn’t working in the space.

I used the settee I already had from our last place, and ordered an inexpensive end table. You can purchase this beautiful, classic spindle pedestal table and my nailhead trim loveseat on Amazon! I tried many (and I mean many) different mirrors and pieces of artwork to fill the rest of the space, but something was still not working. This is when I realized the problem wasn’t the furniture or the perfect piece of art, it was the walls. The space just felt blah with all of the beiges blending together.

Michael and I tossed up the idea of applying peel and stick wallpaper, or a white faux brick wall, but ultimately we decided painting the space was the best option. Paint is the best, most inexpensive way to completely transform a space. Seriously. If you can’t figure out a room, try changing the color before you go out and buy all new furniture and decor. You can always paint it back if it doesn’t work!

Why I love navy blue

I believe that navy is a neutral. It goes with so many different themes and color palettes. Plus, I think darker paint has a way of making a space feel more high-end. Painting our entryway made the space feel cozy and welcoming, which it previously lacked.

I ended up picking Journey Blue from Nautica. I absolutely love this color! It is so versatile with so many color palettes. See the pictures below! It gave our entryway the something it so desperately needed. My favorite thing about this color is the way that everything pops against it. Suddenly my neutral furniture stood out in a great way!

The finishing touch

After the space was completely painted, the finishing touches fell right into place. Like this wall sign from Hobby Lobby, it’s the perfect piece for this spot. One of my biggest prayers for our home is that it would be a place where the Holy Spirit is present. The second I saw this piece, I had to have it.

The small table is perfect for a tabletop chalkboard and a preserved boxwood topiary. I love how the mirrored window pane above it really brings in light! The settee (which Sadie has claimed as her own) feels even more comfortable with these throw pillows from Kirklands. Unfortunately, they are sold out, but I am in love with these HWY 50 cotton embroidered decorative throw pillow covers from Amazon.

We completely love this space now! It immediately makes us and our guests feel at home the second we walk in the door. And all it took was a little paint!

You are loved,


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