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Luxe Decor on a Budget

July 12, 2017

I absolutely love our living room now, but I went through a lot of “phases” when decorating. Before we moved in, I thought we would just keep the same furniture setup we had in our last house. Boy was I wrong. We moved so quickly that we only saw the house once in person before signing our lease and hadn’t taken pictures or measurements. At that point our main concern was just moving into a safe place as soon as possible.

It was all wrong; our old furniture didn’t fit at all. It was way too big and awkward in that space and made everything looked closed off, but the rug and end tables were much too small. We decided to move all that furniture downstairs to the basement, so Michael could have the man cave/movie room he’s always wanted, and buy new furniture for the living room upstairs.

Once that was decided, I got to work decorating the living room, shopping for furniture, etc. At first I was thinking we would do an all neutral decor theme like we had in our last place, but that just didn’t seem to fit this house. Then I thought I started gravitating towards a Moroccan glam vibe, but that died fast. One day I was shopping in Home Goods with my best friend, and noticed this gorgeous sapphire blue, tufted, velvet ottoman with an acrylic base. That was it. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love and bought it right away. The first word that came to mind when I laid eyes on that bench was “luxe.” From there I knew the style I wanted my living room to be was cozy and luxe. The only problem is, most things that people would define as “luxe,” are very, very expensive, and this girl was on a budget.

It took some time to find all the right pieces to make it happen, but it has really come together now and I love it. Here are some ways that I achieved a luxe feel, for way less money.

Define what Luxe means for you. Create buzzwords that encompass everything you are looking for. For me this meant cozy, rich color, tons of texture, etc. These buzzwords will help you stay on track when you go shopping.

Get inspired! Pinterest is a fantastic source for inspiration. When looking for luxe inspiration I search things like “glam living room,” “cozy glam or luxe,” and “velvet furniture.” I promise you will find pictures, blogs, and things that inspire you. You can ask try going to a high end furniture store like Z Gallerie or Arhaus, and gather some pictures of what you love. Take that with you when you go shopping to compare to something similar.


Decide on a color palette. When I think “luxe,” I think of rich deep colors. I painted the walls of our living room a rich sapphire blue, inspired by our ottoman. Not only did it help make this very open room feel more cozy, but it now looks more high end and interesting. My favorite thing about this color is that everything pops off of it and looks fabulous. I will be writing a bit more in depth post on how to choose a color palette, so be looking out for that!


Know where to shop. And be willing to spend a little extra time searching. A lot of people are afraid of online shopping for furniture and I get it, but truthfully online is where you will find some of the best deals. Most of my living room furniture was purchased online. Granted, it took a bit longer for my couch to be delivered than I would have preferred (about a month), it was well worth it to get my dream sofa for a FRACTION of the cost.  Besides, with reviews nowadays you can get a pretty good idea of if that piece is worth it or not. The best places to shop online for luxe decor on a budget are Overstock, Wayfair and Joss and Main.

Another great place to shop and one of my personal favorites, is Home Goods. It’s the best place to go for accent pieces and decor. I will warn you though, that while sometimes the furniture deals are great, a lot of them aren’t. Home goods is best for faux florals, pillows, throws, and other decorative accents.

The last place worth mentioning is of course, Target. Who doesn’t love a good trip to Target? There are so many things to see! I love Target, but I am putting it at the bottom of list, because while they do have good deals occasionally, they aren’t always stellar. Certainly, Target furniture is far less expensive than a high end store, but it’s still more expensive than online or Home Goods sometimes. For example, my bed was $200 cheaper on Amazon than it was on Just be savvy when shopping, and use the cartwheel app to scout deals. Since it’s a large chain store, you can probably walk away from it for a day or two and come back, unlike Home Goods where you have to buy it that minute or it will be gone forever.


You don’t have to break the bank to create a cozy, luxurious space! All you need is a little patience and some savvy.

Have a wonderful weekend!

You are loved,






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