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How I Keep my Hydrangeas Alive

August 30, 2019

I love fresh cut flowers in my home, they are beautiful, and life giving to any room. Hydrangeas have always been a favorite flower for me. I love how full and lush they are, and they come in so many colors, so when I started keeping fresh flowers in my home, hydrangeas were obviously my first choice. Over the last couple of years I have come up with some ways to keep these beautiful blooms looking fresh and happy for up to 3 weeks.

Always pick premature blooms. I won’t lie to you, I mostly just buy my hydrangeas at the grocery store (though I do plan on planting a bush this fall). Whenever I’m perusing the flower section, the first thing I look for are blooms that are slightly premature. They may not catch your eye immediately like a full bloom might, but trust me, they will last a lot longer if taken care of well. Not to mention how fun it is to watch them come to a full bloom in your home!

Clean your vase. Always use hot, soapy water to clean out your vase. The soap will help to kill bacteria, which will keep your flowers alive longer.

Use cool water. Hydrangeas do really well with cool to room temperature water. However if you feel they are looking a little sad when you get them home, use colder water.

Cut the stems at an angle. Cutting at an angle allows the stems to absorb more water, and hydrangeas are a thirsty flower.

Trim the leaves. As gorgeous as those leaves are, I usually only leave a couple on. The large leaves need a lot of water so your bloom may not get all that it needs. In addition, the leaves can crowd the blooms in a vase and the hydrangeas will die faster because they didn’t have room to bloom.

Only use a very small amount of flower food. If you use the flower food provided by the florist, only use a very small amount. Too much can be toxic to the flowers and they will die off quickly.

Use a lot of water. Like I said, hydrangeas are a thirsty bloom, so be sure to give them ample water. I fill my vase nearly to the top.

Trim the stems and change out the water every two days. Also try to wash your vase with hot soapy water when you go to trim the stems and change the water.

BONUS TIP: If you feel your blooms are starting to look a little sad by the time you get them home, put them in water, and stick them in the fridge for a little bit (check on them about every 30 minutes or so). This is a common trick florists use for weddings and events when the bouquets start to look a little sad.

I having been using this method for about a year now and my blooms always last me about 2-3 weeks. What’s your favorite flower? Any extra tips? Let me know in the comments!

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