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Give Any Room a Little Glam

September 9, 2016

I am pretty excited about this post. It took me a bit of trial and error to find my decor style (I plan on writing about that in the near future), but I am really happy with where my house is now. I love all things glam and my home really reflects that. Thankfully, my husband is great about letting me decorate however I want to! Here are a few things I have found, that will never fail to add glam to any space.

1. Throw pillows. This is probably my favorite thing to decorate with. Because I only like small pops of color, it’s important for me to add texture and pillows are an easy way to do that. My faux fur and sparkly pillows are probably my favorites! My favorite stores to shop for these are Home Goods and Target, but mostly Home Goods. Pier one also has beautiful throw pillows, but they tend to be very expensive, so I usually only shop the clearance. There is just something about luxurious textures that instantly glams up any space.


2. Floor to ceilings curtains. I don’t need to elaborate on this too much, pictures speak for themselves. When we first moved into our place our curtains were hung at window height and my hubby later moved them to ceiling height. Let me tell you, it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. The room looks taller, grander, better.

See the difference?!

See the difference?!

Please ignore the TV :)

Please ignore the TV 🙂

3. A statement rug. When we first moved into our place, I had picked out a too small plain rug. Later, I found a more appropriately sized rug with a beautiful pattern on a major clearance at Target. It had such a big impact on the room. Below is a comparison of my fall decor last year, compared with how my living room looks now, and the difference is obvious.


4. Accent furniture. Find a statement piece that speaks to you. Bonus points if it’s tufted! I found my favorite piece of furniture earlier this year at Home Goods. I have wanted a settee forever, but have never seen one in a store. I was so excited when I finally found one at Home Goods. I instantly knew I had to have it. It’s absolutely everything I wanted: velvet, tufted, wingback, nailhead. I actually hyperventilated when I saw it! Adding this piece totally brought the room full glam circle.


5. Mood lighting. I love putting candles everywhere. They add an element of romance, not to mention they smell wonderful! I also added fairy lights to my large lantern, and a marquee letter to my bookshelves. The room feels so cozy and elegant when I turn off the lamps and leave the lighting to candles and twinkle lights.




6.Crystal/Stone/Mercury glass accents. I have an element of all of these in my home. I love my rose quartz tea light holders, my crystal candle sticks on my dining table, and my mercury glass candle holder on my mantle. All of these things add a touch of sparkle that immediately makes a room feel more glamourous.


Thanks for visiting! I’m so excited to start fall posts next week!



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