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Coffee Tray Styling

February 13, 2019
Tufted velvet cream tuxedo sofa with textured ivory blanket and oversized gray pillows with black distressed coffee tray and gold candle, white hydrangeas in mercury glass and books with anthropologie coasters

We have a fabric storage ottoman (that I love so much) rather than a coffee table in our living room. While I am obsessed with this gorgeous tufted ottoman, it isn’t the most functional when it comes to decorating, or having a place to put your coffee down. Cue the coffee tray.

What I love about this tray

I swear to goodness I tried out at least 4 or 5 different coffee tray options before I found this rustic black tray on Amazon. Here’s what I love about it:

  1. It’s the perfect size
  2. It’s distressed, which means that if I ding it, it’s just adding to the aesthetic
  3. The scallop edge is adorable
  4. It comes with two trays on Amazon Prime (I use the second in my coffee station in the kitchen)

I feel like the coffee tray and the pieces on it really ground the space and tie together the different elements of the living room. The gold in the candle (which smells amazeballs by the way) highlights the gold in the end tables, faux hydrangeas in mercury glass bring light and a touch of elegance, the books help to give height and dimension (and are also super fun reads which you can find here and here on Amazon Prime), and the stone candle holder adds a fun, artistic, yet natural flair. My coasters are from Anthropologie, and I have been collecting them in different colors for years now. They are sturdy, beautiful, and have carried me through many decor experiments.

Here are some things to keep in mind when putting together your own coffee tray:


This is important to remember so you don’t end up with a rinky-dink coffee tray that doesn’t appropriately fill the space or a tray that is far too large and leaves no room for putting up your feet and other priorities.


This part is really fun. I love trying out different heights, angles, and layers. In my case, the two major items (the candle and flowers) are too similar in height on there own. It looks “off.” One of my favorite (and least expensive) ways to add height is with books like I did here. I would highly recommend going to your local thrift store and buying a few books that match your color scheme if you don’t already have a few around the house you can use! I love these farmhouse storage books from Amazon prime!


Everything looks better in groups of three. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have only three items. I have 7 items on my tray! But I have grouped them together into three sections. Flowers on top of books is one section, the candle and the holder are another, and fabulous coasters make up the third section. I am OBSESSED with these white marble gold edged coasters from Amazon Prime!


Yes, I have different heights in the items on my coffee tray, but the visual weight is very balanced. Let me explain. My hydrangeas are light and fluffy. The mercury glass reflects light and adds to the airy vibe. On the other side, my crystal candle holder looks dense and heavy which the gold candle only adds to. One side is visually light and the other is heavy, which, when combined with the varied heights, balance each other in a beautiful way.

Have fun with this process! Play around with different looks. Try one for a couple days, then try another. There is no rush to getting it right. And make sure to post your coffee tray pics to Instagram and tag me @beautyofblissblog! I can’t wait to see what you create.

Always remember that you are loved!


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