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7 Ways to Decorate For Fall Without Reinventing the Pumpkin

October 8, 2019

1. Stick to your year round color scheme

Is there anything more enchanting than walking out your front door on a crisp, autumn morning and seeing red and golden leaves on the trees? It’s probably my favorite part of fall as it is for many. In past years, I have tried to use those traditional fall colors in my seasonal home decor, but let tell you something… it is WORK. I always gravitate toward neutral colors with cozy textures and hints of glam. Changing the entire color scheme of my house for the season just feels forced, and I end up getting tired of it very quickly.

This year I finally figured out the secret; stick to your color scheme. Since I’m a neutrals person, I sought out pumpkins that fit that bill, passed up pumpkins in the classic orange color, and traded in my fall branches from last year for pussy willow branches.

2. Build your collection year over year

This isn’t rocket science. Pick up a few pieces that you absolutely love every year, and eventually, you will have a whole collection. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to add fall vibes to your space. Please don’t feel like you need to buy every pumpkin in Home Goods! You really don’t, even if I did!

3. Use real pumpkins to save on storage and cost

Fun fact: Real pumpkins are WAY cheaper than the fake ones. Granted, you can use the fake ones year after year, but then you have to store them. If you are tight on space and/or cash, keep it simple and just get some real pumpkins!

4. Stock up on cozy textures instead of 20 pillows that say “it’s fall y’all”

No offense intended to anyone who has one of these, it’s just that I see them EVERYWHERE and unless you just woke up from a coma, you probably don’t need to be reminded of what season it is. Instead, opt for upping the cozy textures. I made a chunky knit blanket for the sofa, used the fur pillows I already had, and added a faux fur throw to my settee. I still have a sparkly pumpkin pillow, you just don’t need absolutely every piece to scream FALL.

5. Change out your scents

This is probably the easiest thing you can do, and it also my favorite. You can put out all the pumpkins you want, but it’s not fall till it smells like fall. I’m a fan of big fan of Bath and Body Works candles, but I also have a couple of their wallflowers. If scented candles aren’t your thing, try this stovetop recipe to make your home smell like the season! I love to have it simmering on a lazy Sunday, while I have something delicious cooking in the crock pot.

6. Add twinkle lights to literally anything

Twinkle lights immediately make everything feel warmer and cozier. It’s probably part of why I love Christmas so much! My favorite decoration I have is a grapevine pumpkin from Hobby Lobby that came pre-lit with twinkle lights, but you can also add them to any centerpiece, maybe woven into a blanket basket. Just make sure they are LED!

7. Add to your centerpiece, don’t replace it

Speaking of centerpieces, I have used the same one for a few years and just transition it for seasons. This year I just added some pumpkins I got in a bag from Hobby Lobby and pinecones I’ve had for forever. It only took me a few minutes and saves me on storage, since I don’t have to put away centerpieces for each season!

*Disclaimer: As great as these tips are, I will be ignoring my own advice come Christmas and tossing all logic and reason out the window. Always jingle all the way.*

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